Tournament Rules

1. Tournament Format

Round 1

4 groups (A, B, C & D) of 4 teams, each group playing in a round robin league format.

Round 2

Cup Competition

The top two teams from each group (1st & 2nd) will enter the Cup competition to be played on day 2. This will consist of Quarter finals, Semi finals, finals and playoff games.

Plate Competition

The bottom two teams in each group (3rd & 4th) will go into the Plate competition to be played on day 2. This will consist of Quarter finals, Semi Finals, finals and playoff games.


2. Draw for Groups

The Tournament Committee will conduct a draw for all age-groups at a date not less than 10 days before the event.  A fixture list will then be circulated to all participating teams and published on our website at


3. Players

Under-8 – Under-16
A total of 7 players may be sent onto the pitch for each team (including 6 players and a goal keeper). A maximum of 5 substitutes are allowed for each team, hence, a total of only 12 players are allowed to be enlisted for every team. A team must have 5 players present before the match can begin, otherwise, the team will forfeit the match.

Player Eligibility:
a) Under 8: Born 2011 and later
b) Under 10: Born 2009 and later
c) Under 12: Born 2007 and later
d) Under 14: Born 2005 and later
e) Under 16: Born 2003 and later (with a maximum of 2 players born 2002 and later) 

Each team is allowed to register a maximum of 12 players per age group.  All male players must abide strictly to the age categories as listed above, with the exception of female players, who may be two years older in each age category.

Teams are required to produce an original birth certificate/identity card or passport if required by the Tournament Committee.


4. Rules

Unless amended by the Tournament Committee, all rules should follow according to the rules of FIFA for 7-aside football.


5. Pitch and Footwear

Playing area is an artificial turf pitch.  Players may wear 13 Plastic studs soccer shoes (metal studs soccer boots are not allowed). Players must wear shin-guards throughout the course of the tournament.


6. Balls

Age groups U8-U12 will use size 4 footballs. Age group U14 and U16 will use size 5 footballs.


7. Match Times

The matches will be 15 minutes long with no break in between. For U10, U12 and U14 competitions, day 1 matches will be 12 minutes long while day 2 matches will be 15 minutes long.


8. Red and Yellow Cards

Players with two yellow cards will be banned from play for one match.  Players shown a Red card are sent-off immediately and banned from play for one full match.


9. Off Side

The off-side rule will not be used in this tournament.


10. Substitutions

  • The substitute must wait for the player to leave the pitch before entering
  • When substituting, the team must notify the referee when the ball is out-of-bounds for the substitution to happen
  • Substituted players shall be allowed to re-enter during the same match (rolling substitutions)


11. Minimum Number of Players

Under-8 – Under-16
The minimum number of players to start each half shall be five (5), failing which a walkover shall be awarded to the opponents with full points and a registered score of 3-0 or the actual score as the time of stopping play, whichever is the higher.


12. Time Allowance

A maximum of two (2) minutes allowance shall be allowed after the starting whistle by the referee, failing which a walkover shall be awarded to the opponents with full points and a registered score of 3-0.


13. Points System

Win: 3 points
Draw: 1 point
Loss: 0 points


14. Teams tied in group stages

In the event that two or more teams are tied on points after the group stages, goal difference shall be used to settle the tie. If the teams are still level the team that has the greatest number of goals scored will advance. If the teams are still level the result between the teams when they played each other will decide their order. Failing a distinction, penalty kicks will be used to settle the matter.


15. Teams tied in playoff stage

In the event of a tie in the play-off stage 3 penalties will be taken to decide the winner. If tied at the end of 3 penalties, sudden death penalties will be taken until the winner is decided.


16. Act of God

If the field becomes unsuitable for play due to heavy rain, lightning or for any other reasons, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on the event or change the format of the event.


17. Jurisdiction

In the event of a protest or dispute, the Tournament Committee shall have sole jurisdiction in settling the matter.